SAW IT: THE RIZE| Malcolm Levy | Curated by Steven Tong | CSA Space | Oct 9

Oct 9

I can hear chatter grow louder as I escalate the narrow staircase that leads me above Pulpfiction Books on Main Street. A crowd has gathered in the doorway of the exhibition room and are watching projected waves of muted colour transverse a screen at the end of the room. The waves seem to induce a trancelike state of tranquility even though they are an abstract rendering of the site where the construction site for the Rize was burnt down in 2009.

Exhibition runs October 9 – November 9

CSA Space, 2422 Main Street 

See Pulpfiction Books for admission during business hours.

For more information:


The Rize - Malcolm Levy

The Rize - Malcolm Levy

Steven Tong reading exhibition text — he says check out the Rize Oct 9 – Nov 9 at CSA Space!

The Rize - Malcolm Levy


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